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DL - Double Sided Film

Product Number Color Carrier Thickness (mil) Liner Adhesion (oz/in) Applications
DL13C PET Clear 3.5 White Paper 43 General Purpose
DL48C PET Clear 8.0 Red MOPP 65 High temp. Superior Performance (Comparable to tesa 4965)
DL49W UPVC White 8.8 Mustard Glassine 47 High temp. Superior Performance (Comparable to tesa 4970)
Double sided tape that consists of a liner, carrier, and adhesive. The carrier is the reinforcing flexible material that is coated with the adhesive on both sides, such as tissue, film, foam or other. If there is no carrier, the double-sided tape is called a transfer tape, a special kind. The carrier imparts important physical properties in applications. Films A double-sided film tape provides extra tensile strength, in contrast to a double-sided tissue, and at the same time it could be very thin, and easy to handle.

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